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Since 2015, SafeBAE has been dedicated to building a collection of authentic media created by and for youth, to address the relationship issues most impacting them.  Youth have envisioned, written, directed, and starred in all of our content (with advocate advisors guiding their vision).  These videos have been integrated into all of our comprehensive resources (peer education, curriculum, etc), and can be previewed below.  We offer teaching guides for individual videos, as well as the full curriculum.

In an effort to sustain our existence, we ask that if you are using our videos, teaching guides or any of our content in a teaching or monetized capacity, you pay a licensing fee. We understand that this can be a burden (in some cases) and offer a sliding scale.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please email

*this does not apply to our youth certified peer educators*

“All of SafeBAE’s film content is created in house, with young film makers who are predominantly female and many of whom are survivors themselves. Our primary focus on creating prevention materials is not only to change the culture and teach young people the way we wish we had been educated, but also as an opportunity for many young creatives to find healing through art.”

– Ella Fairon


It’s Giving Red Flags

Written and Directed by Cheyenne Tyler Jacobs





Cyberbullying - Teen Vogue

Dating a Survivor - Teen Vogue

Charlie Coleman - Teen Vogue

Online Harassment Prevention

Partner Films

We are proud to partner with feature, short, and documentary films to consult on scripts, provide fiscal sponsorship, and offer adjoining resources.


Saving Daisy


SafeBAE is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit Organization

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