SafeBAE’s 3rd Annual

2024 Summer Activist Institute:


Meet the Planning Committee

These are 6 dedicated college students who have been working all year to plan and implement the activist training they would have wanted when they were in high school.  They come from all over the US and will be joining you in Maine as mentors in your work. Get to know them!

Aela Mansmann

Aela is a 19 year old Sophomore at Manhattanville University in New York. She is a lifelong activist, always working to create and utilize art to awaken activism among young people. She was the Youth Organizing Director at SafeBAE for two years, overseeing their youth-facing programming and contributing to many of their prevention video content before transitioning onto their Board of Directors. Prior to that, she developed and produced SafeBAE’s first Consent Summit with over 750 students throughout greater New England in attendance. 


Bella Kwok

Bella is currently a freshman attending Temple University, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Women’s studies. Bella’s history of advocacy started her junior year of high school, when she formed her own anti-sexual violence club, SAAP PHS. Since then, she’s been working as the Newsletter Editor, Caucus Leader, and Legislative Lead with organizations such as Take Back the Night Foundation, It’s On Us, Every Voice Coalition, the Advocacy Academy, and SAASA at Temple University. She hopes to be a lawyer specializing in sexual violence cases while offering survivors free legal help.

Chalina Morgan-Lopez

Chalina Lauraine Morgan-Lopez (she/they/ella) began her work with SafeBAE in 2021 as a member of the Consent Summit Planning Committee, and currently serves on the Board of Directors. She’s worked alongside numerous organizations to advocate for educational equity for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students in North Carolina in addition to supporting comprehensive sex education. Chalina attends North Carolina State University as a Political Science and Spanish major where she’s a member of the NAACP, and a representative of EROC’s (End Rape on Campus) Student Survivor Caucus. They also serve as a senator in Student Government and as a member of the Title IX department.

Sydney Turner

Originally from the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sydney is a student at the University of Illinois, studying Psychology and Communication. As a survivor and an activist, she has devoted her endeavors to promoting sexual violence prevention and intersectional feminism nationwide – with one of her strongest passions being to uplift and advocate for women of color. In the future, she hopes to pursue a legal career, focusing on sexual misconduct as well as reproductive rights. In addition to these commitments, Sydney is a professional poet who seeks to embody the intersection between social justice and fine arts.

Elye Robinovitz

My name is Elye Robinovitz. Born and raised in Atlanta to a family of all women, I learned the importance of joining in a shared struggle for equal rights, as none of us are free until we all are. After attending both public schools and private Jewish schools throughout my time at home, I packed my bags and moved to Waltham, Massachusetts to attend Brandeis University. Since being at Brandeis, I’ve only grown more passionate for politics and the advancement of fundamental human rights. Through the various clubs I’ve been active in and led, we have successfully lobbied Congress to enact change and brought various student leaders to the forefront of these efforts. It wasn’t until my senior year that I first heard of SafeBAE. Since then, I’ve been active in the movement and done whatever I could to help. I am looking forward to continuing that with SafeBAE’s 2023 Planning Committee.

Theo Hutt

My name is Theo Hutt and I am a junior at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, studying medicine! I am currently studying for the MCAT as well as preparing what feels like a million things for my application, but I am loving every second of it! I am originally from a small town just north of Boston, Massachusetts and have lived there my entire life. I help run our MeToo Club at school, which includes hosting workshops, discussions, and presentations about topics such as consent, healthy relationships, and sexual violence. The MeToo movement has always been meaningful to me, and I have loved being surrounded by motivated, welcoming individuals within that community.

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