We Are Awaiting 2023 New Guidance

The Department of Education has announced that they will release new guidance for Title IX Directors in October of 2023. We will update our resources as soon as they become available.


The law requires school officials to take immediate action to protect you when you report sexual harassment or violence, to prevent it from continuing & ensure no retaliation happens after you speak out.


The law makes sure you can report sexual harassment & violence to school officials or police by telling you who to file a complaint with, where to do it, & how to do it to make sure you receive justice.


The law makes sure you can speak privately to someone in school about any concerns you have regarding sexual abuse, violence or harassment & that any report stays private unless there’s an ongoing risk.


The law requires schools to tell you & your parents about its policies against sexual harassment & violence during school or related activities.


The law makes sure that a school investigation into sexual harassment & violence is prompt & fair to both parties by providing equal rights throughout the process.


The law required that schools support students who report sexual harassment & violence, to ensure they can stay in school & access the support resources they need, free of charge.

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