Making an Immediate Impact

“I wanted to give you some uplifting news, I was talking with my intern from the school you visited and she informed me that the presentation that you did really affected the youth at the school. In fact, she has friends that are a couple, and they were in an unhealthy relationship and your presentation changed the way they now treat one another. She also said that she was able to look at herself and how she treated her partner and make changes as well. I wanted you to know that you really make a difference and thank you, once more for touching the lives of our youth.”

– Dawn M. Keys, Newport Prevention Coalition Coordinator

SafeBAE 360º Schools

SafeBAE’s newest program, incubated at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, is a full 360-degree approach to engaging your entire school community in transformative culture, curriculum, practice, and policy change.

SafeBAE is committed to culturally responsive, evidence-based programming and will curate a customized approach to best reach each school’s individual needs. We know that this kind of change takes time and evolution, so we are prepared to meet each school where we are most needed and build to full capacity.

SafeBAE can provide:

  • Consent curriculum design and facilitation
  • Professional Development for faculty and staff
  • Training all staff in trauma-informed victim response and Title IX investigation protocol
  • Athletics Programming
  • Student engagement
  • Community engagement
  • Policy Review and Guidance in creating a survivor-centered sexual misconduct policy.
  • In-person or virtual expert speakers
  • In-person or virtual student peer educators presentations to students
  • Training students as peer educators & help to establish a SafeBAE club
  • Customized plans to integrate prevention programming in a cross-curricular capacity

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