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“My experience has been such an amazing and powerful thing. I have been able to educate many people of my generation and help make a difference.”

“Learning the statistics and realizing I’ve seen abuse and not known how to approach the situation as of now I’m confident I would be able to handle that situation and speak up based on this training.”

“This is an amazing experience and it was so beneficial for me. I learned so much new information yet also continued knowledge on some topics I knew a little about. I love SafeBAE and what you guys stand for. Your program has helped me know how to help my friend who experienced sexual assault, set boundaries with my own boyfriend and provoked some conversations about consent that we might not have had otherwise, and I have shared your program with my classmates and club members because I believe your program is something everyone should do. Thank you.”

“As a survivor, working with SafeBAE this school year was a major part of my healing process, as well as that of others. Given the chance to help our community, through events such as a parent education class and donating to local women’s shelters, we found our voices and discovered strength we never knew we had. The SafeBAE team was incredibly helpful and with that extra support, we were able to make improvements in our community and start a conversation about safe sex, assault, and violence.”

“I’ve loved being a part of SafeBAE and leading a BAE Breakers Squad. This work is SO important!  I’ve struggled with receiving guidance and approval from my administration. SafeBAE is an organization that helped me to pursue opportunities within my school, and even create my own. I was given the guidance I needed to continue to successfully run peer education programs, and even gained material that has been invaluable to our school community. In addition to this, SafeBAE has also offered me space to push the administration into offering more consent education opportunities, and even has helped me with legal pursuits in this arena. SafeBAE’s services have been invaluable to my school, community, and personal life. I am so happy to be a part of this organization!”

SafeBAE is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit Organization

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