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SafeBAE’s newest program, incubated at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, is a full 360-degree approach to engaging your entire school community in transformative culture, curriculum, practice, and policy change.

SafeBAE is committed to culturally responsive, evidence-based programming and will curate a customized approach to best reach each school’s individual needs. We know that this kind of change takes time and evolution, so we are prepared to meet each school where we are most needed and build to full capacity.

“The partnership with SafeBAE enabled by this grant has been immensely helpful to the Portland Public Schools in multiple ways. First, we know from experience what the data in the recent CDC Youth Risk Behavior Survey report reveal, namely that teenages, especially girls and LGBTQ+ young people, are experiencing an alarming increase in violence, mental and emotional distress, and suicide risk. The need for trauma-informed support and education on healthy boundaries and care for self and others is urgent. SafeBAE staff have been working closely with instructors at multiple schools to develop more robust and meaningful consent education, while also assisting efforts to empower students to be change-makers. We are grateful for their expertise in helping the district address the very concerns raised by the CDC report.”

“In addition to such programmatic support, SafeBAE has also been instrumental in bolstering our systemic work. PPS recently overhauled the district’s policies and procedures for addressing discrimination and harassment, including sexual harassment, to be more trauma-informed. SafeBAE is helping us lean into these commitments by working with the school-based liaisons who are central to our new reporting and support structure. SafeBAE’s direct engagement with liaisons is enabling us to build essential skills for identifying what students need to be safe and well and to connect students with resources for long-term support. Moreover, the district’s new policy prioritizes the implementation of accountability practices whereby students learn what is necessary to take responsibility for repairing harm and preventing its recurrence. Access to SafeBAE’s self-guided accountability training has been an important tool for us in putting these intentions into practice.”

“The partnership between SafeBAE and the Portland Public Schools is one that makes a lot of sense because of our shared commitment to be adaptive in how we meet the particular needs of young people today. With the wide-ranging pressures that school district’s face, it is an extraordinary benefit to be able to rely on the expertise of an organization that is on the cutting edge of transformative work. We are lucky to be able to count on SafeBAE and would wish the same for other districts. They are building a model of support for schools and districts that can be scaled up to make a broad impact, which is both exciting and urgently necessary.”

SafeBAE is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit Organization

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