Online Harassment of Survivors

Online harassment and disbelief of survivors has been an ongoing issue that many survivors report to be as harmful, if not more, than the assault they experienced. Not being able to escape rumors, victim blaming, and shaming at school and over social media can and has resulted in suicidal ideation from countless survivors, so our aim is to educate friends and peers in how to support survivors and not contribute to their revictimization.
We have several short video options that cover this topic in different ways and all are available with an adjoining teaching guide and posters.


Our young leaders created #QuitThisS**t as part of a 2016 social media campaign to help break the cycle of revictimization of survivors. The script for this video depicts actual messages survivors have received, so is likely not appropriate for school settings.

We know that #QuitThisS**t is likely not a video that can be used in most school settings, so please preview our non-explicit version.

On Teen Vogue

We partnered with our friends at Teen Vogue to share the stories of our co-founders and their experiences with online harassment.

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