Consent Education

SafeBAE’s mission is to provide comprehensive Consent Education to students, educators, and caregivers. We know that without proper information and discussion about consent, starting at an early age, we are failing this generation.


permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

Ways to begin teaching consent from a young age can include:

  1. Giving toddlers the option to greet adults in ways other than hugs (blowing a kiss, waving hello, saying hi, etc.) This is teaching them body autonomy which will serve them throughout their lives.
  2. Teachers can provide options of ways for elementary students to be greeted
  3. Avoid using made up words for their anatomy so that they understand there is no shame in those words and they can correctly express if someone is inappropriate with them.

As students progress in age, we provide age appropriate lessons in learning about consent throughout the years. Please visit our materials and peer educator resources to learn more.