Parent Resources

Whether you have come to our site looking for prevention information or because your child has experienced sexual violence, we hope we can be a supportive resource.


If you are interested in learning about early prevention measures, we encourage you to start practicing simple lessons of bodily autonomy at the earliest ages of development.  We have compiled a list of educational media to help.


Learning that your child has been sexually assaulted is shocking and terrifying, but it is crucial that you believe your child and help them access the healing services and support they will need. It is also critical that you find support and community to help you process.


Your immediate instinct may be to report the assault to local law enforcement, but we strongly encourage you to listen to your child and not force them to report. If your child does choose to report, we very strongly encourage you to enlist a local rape crisis advocate before reporting to either a hospital or law enforcement. Advocates serve as a knowledgeable and protective resource that survivors should utilize to ensure their safety during this process.


We encourage you to connect with other parents who have experienced similar trauma by joining our Facebook group


Do as much as you possibly can to learn about your child’s rights to reporting and creating a safety plan at school. Start with our Title IX info page and consider consulting with our legal partners if you need support in advocating with your school administration.


When your child is ready to seek healing, it will be important for you to be familiar with their options. Please visit the Healing page of our site.

If you have concerns for their immediate safety, please go directly to a local hospital.

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