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Ella Fairon

Survivor & Co-Founder

Jada Smith

Survivor & Co-Founder

Charlie Coleman


Reggie Walker

Survivor, Advocate & Former NFL Player

Torrey Devitto

Advocate & Actress



We work with each speaking request, to match the best speakers with the target audience. We always want to be as diverse and reflective of the audience we are trying to reach.


We curate each presentation to the needs of each event location. We have a broad template of materials, activities, film clips, etc. that we choose from depending on the group size, time limitations, target audience, age demographic and requests of the host.


We are available at any time.


We do provide our speakers with an honorarium and cover their travel costs that vary depending on the speaker/s and location. We try to work with every request to fit within budget limitations and often try to plan our travel to visit several schools within one region in order to help share the cost of travel.



“I love that people who run this [program] are survivors of sexual assault and not just people who are here to educate us on it. They can share their stories and educate others.” – Student from Pennsylvania
“I learned a lot about sexual assault. It was a very safe space and I know that I know way more now. I wish I had learned about this earlier when my best friend told me what happened to her. Thank you for doing this!” – Virginia high school student


“I’ve worked in the field of domestic and sexual violence prevention for 12+ years with a focus on engaging youth as leaders in this work. Some would say, I grew up in the movement starting as a young activist myself. What I have most enjoyed about SafeBAE is the authenticity of youth and survivor voices which are at the forefront of this organization, and the sheer attentiveness on keeping them central to everything the program does. I also appreciate the variety of resources available from social media engagement to film screenings with guides for discussion. Many folks in the movement have tried to address “cyberbullying” and online re-victimization, but I think SafeBAE has brought us a new lens to discuss these issues with young people in a way that is more approachable and relevant. I look forward to seeing what else this program can help to inspire within communities across the country.” – Jessica Moreno, LCSW, Prevention Coordinator – Texas Council on Family Violence
“These are the most student relatable materials I have found! Students need to hear these messages from other students and this video series is the perfect messenger.” – Illinois health educator

2017-2018 Pilot School & Group Survey Results:

2017 Pilot school & group survey results: SafeBAE's programming is informed by an evidence based peer-to-peer model. Peer education programs, including those regarding sexual assault, have been found to be effective for starting dialogue, improving students’ awareness, and changing attitudes and behaviors (Simon, 2010).

According to a survey of parents, educators, and students who have participated in SafeBAE programming, 100% thought the “Audrie & Daisy” screening was “very” or “somewhat” effective and 100% of them viewed the “Our Stories Video” as “very” effective.

More specifically, the following percentages of participants indicated they perceived SafeBAE programming as “greatly improving” the audience's understanding of: how to avoid victim blaming (80%)consent (67%)bystander intervention (67%)how to respond to a survivor (75%),myths around sexual assault (60%)

2019 Pilot Consent Summit Data Report:

“I learned that it is okay to say no and that no is never a bad thing. Relationships aren’t based on sex and that it’s important that both feel ready and that everyone is aware of their actions.”

“I learned that it is okay to say no and that no is never a bad thing. Relationships aren’t based on sex and that it’s important that both feel ready and that everyone is aware of their actions.”

“The most important thing I learned is to ask someone if they want to continue. I thought once you get consent that’s all you need.”

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