the express permission for something to happen or agreement to do something.

Consent Curriculum

This is a comprehensive curriculum covering all aspects of relationship violence prevention. This curriculum is ideal for schools looking to expand student knowledge of healthy relationships, dating, and sexual violence, influence positive behavior change, and create a safe school environment. The curriculum is geared towards high school students and is available for purchase. School administrators may select a district-wide annual subscription with unlimited user access or an individual teacher may select a single-user access license for the year. For more information click here.

A Message from SafeBAE

We support mandatory consent education in all 50 states to be taught in K-12 schools, at age-appropriate levels.

We encourage you to support legislation that enables improved school safety, Title IX implementation, updated sexual misconduct policies, and supports comprehensive consent education. We will be advocating for the support of the following bills:

Stop Sexual Harassment in K–12 Actintroduced by Representative Casten of Illinois

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Harassment in Schools Act of 2020introduced by Representative Meng of New York

Ways to begin teaching consent from a young age can include:

  1. Giving toddlers the option to greet adults in ways other than hugs (blowing a kiss, waving hello, saying hi, etc.) This is teaching them body autonomy which will serve them throughout their lives.
  2. Teachers can provide options of ways for elementary students to be greeted
  3. Avoid using made up words for their anatomy so that they understand there is no shame in those words and they can correctly express if someone is inappropriate with them.

As students progress in age, we provide age appropriate lessons in learning about consent throughout the years. Please visit our materials and peer educator resources to learn more.

SafeBAE is a 501c3 Not-for-Profit Organization

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Your donation makes an immediate impact by enabling us to offer free consent education and resources to their schools.

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