Accountability Training

Historically, schools, universities, and courts across the country have had virtually no resources with which to address a student who has been accused or found guilty of sexual assault.  The primary resolution in Title IX cases is suspension or expulsion of the perpetrator. 

But in our work with survivors, we so often hear how traumatizing and difficult investigations are and how survivors themselves would like alternative resolution options. Many survivors want to be able to choose from options that allow for alternative or restorative justice, and informal resolutions. The operative word being ‘choice’ because any option in which a survivor is pressured to opt in one way or another, is only going to cause additional harm. Not all survivors will choose these alternatives, but we still repeatedly heard two things: “I want them to apologize and for them to not do this to anyone else.”  

In our ongoing mission to provide resources in both prevention and response, we developed this training specifically for students who have harmed another student, to help them reflect on their intention versus outcome, identify their unhealthy behaviors, and reduce their likelihood of recidivism.

With this resource, offenders in either a Title IX case (secondary or postsecondary) or a legal case are guided through a comprehensive multi-lesson virtual training that covers: 

    • How to Respond If You’ve Been Accused
    • The Origins of Rape Culture
    • Sexual Assault, Harassment, and Rape – Defined
    • Consent
    • Healthy Relationships
    • Male Youth & Sexual Violence
    • Myths, Facts & Statistics
    • Sexual Violence & Relationships in Media
    • Online Safety & Sending Nudes
    • Healing After Sexual Violence
    • Dating Someone Who Has Experienced Sexual Violence
    • Bystander Intervention

Each lesson is followed by a knowledge check.

The training is currently available in English. Spanish – coming soon!

The creation of this training was led by experts and young survivors, adding to its authenticity and efficacy.  But as with any of our work, please know that we seek and value ALL feedback in order to continuously improve our programming and to be as inclusive as possible.

The training is available for purchase for either an annual unlimited-use license or a single-use license.

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