Lead a School or Community Club

Students interested in starting a school (or community) club focused on dating violence prevention and working to change the culture among their peers can register to become an official SafeBAE club, with access to all of our free materials, resources, training, and awareness event options.

Clubs can be exclusively focused on this issue or hosted within an existing related club. Once registered, our Youth Outreach Director will contact and support your work, give you access to our exclusive club leader site, and invite you to regional and national meetings with other chapter leads.

In order to form a squad or school club, start by registering to join the BAE Breaker Squad Leadership Team who work locally & nationally with our team throughout the US. We provide you with our free materials to utilize in your work and hope you will collaborate/consult with the entire team to help develop new activist tools to continue to grow our programming. There are many levels to doing this work, some easier and some next level. We’ll talk about the basics here and on the ‘Next Level’ button you can learn about the more advanced ways you can build your work.

Each BAE Breaker will:

  • Be a high school student. Commit to be a BAE Breaker for the full school year.
  • Identify yourself as part of the SafeBAE team/BAE Breaker on social media profiles.
  • Agree to be identified as a ‘SafeBAE BAE Breaker’ on all SafeBAE print and virtual materials.
  • Identify an adult advisor to partner and work with throughout the year. They will need to agree to help you meet the goals outlined here and should be in some way affiliated with your school/community group (teacher, guidance counselor, parent, etc.)
  • Create a SafeBAE Squad/club in your school or enhance an existing school club which encompasses SafeBAE’s mission and goals (Civil Rights, Activist club, etc).
  • Recruit students to join the Squad/clubWork with your group to delegate responsibilities and leadership roles. This will allow a distribution of responsibilities, so that it’s not all on one person and will help to reach a broader and more diverse community.
  • Utilize all of our materials to raise awareness about SafeBAE’s mission throughout school and the community.
  • Host a minimum of one fundraiser/awareness raiser during the school year, with proceeds to be deliverable to SafeBAE to help us continue to provide all of our materials for free.
  • Outreach to local direct service agencies to inquire about their prevention work (regarding teen dating violence/sexual assault) in local schools to include them in efforts and potentially work with them to host a fundraiser.
  • Download the SafeBAE APP and join the BAE Breaker section in order to participate in sharing information, articles, ideas and support with other BAE
  • Breakers across the U.S. This will also be a place to problem solve and exchange best practices with your counterparts from around the country.
    Join periodic check in meetings with SafeBAE team.Promote SafeBAE and SafeBAE’s mission on your social media accounts.
  • Provide SafeBAE with end-of-year feedback on successes, challenges, and recommendations for the following school year.​

SafeBAE will provide:

  • A starter kit to each BAE Breaker (tees, posters, buttons, flyers, etc.) if you’re able to meet with your squad in person during continued Covid-19 recommendations.
  • Any requested letters of recommendation, volunteer paperwork, community service requirements, etc.
  • Throughout the school year, each BAE Breaker will have the opportunity to earn incentive prizes (at the discretion of SafeBAE) for exceptional work and goals reached.

“My experience as a BAE Breaker has been such an amazing and powerful thing. I have been able to educate many people of my generation and help make a difference.”

– Mia Filieo (17)