Meet the Students Shaping Our Future

Summer Activist Institute:

Meet the Fellows!

We are no longer accepting applications as we have reached our goal! Thank you all so much for your continued support!

Meet The Fellows!

In just a few weeks, these 26 students will be making their way to South Portland, Maine for three days of immersive activist training and fun with fellow changemakers.

A'mauri Anderson

Sydney Brandt

Andie Giraso

Baz Birhane

Breanna Tatel

Caitlyn Lynch

Carlos Antonio Mascorro

Emma Eismeier

Emma Michaud

Erin Lawrence

Grace Johnson

Kiersta Marie Fairbrother

Gray Bishop

Jeselin (Chanel) Marizan

Katie Snell

Kennia Gonzalez

Kingston Mixson

Korina Caballero

Ollie Erwin

Rachel Cummings

Rachel Kohl

Satanvi Kavali

Shaya Keyvanfar

Tabitha Garringer

Will Schneider

Willow Shannon

Meet Your Summer Activist Institute Planning Committee!

These are 5 dedicated college students who have been working all year to plan and implement the activist training they would have wanted when they were in high school. They come from all over the US and will be joining you in Maine as mentors in your work. Get to know them!

Asaah Coston

Lillian Frame

Lauren Gonzalez

Samar Rafiqzad

Chandler Rupert

Aidan Stark-Chessa