February 25-27

Save the Date!

After our incredibly successful 2019 in-person Consent Summit and our early Covid miraculous 2020 Virtual Consent Summit, we are back and planning another Virtual Consent Summit in 2021!

The 2021 Virtual Consent Summit will be from February 25-27, 2021. We are currently seeking proposals for break out sessions and applications for our Student Planning Committee.

Submissions are still open!


We are interested in proposals from local or national/big or small organizations throughout the US, targeting high school students. We are looking for a wide variety of topics that are related to our mission and youth leadership in sexual violence prevention.

We will be prioritizing youth presenters (in partnership with adult presenters) from around the US and are seeking presenting topics including:

  1. Healthy Masculinity
  2. Sexual violence risk as it related to foster youth
  3. Body sovereignty
  4. False Reporting
  5. Sexual violence and suicide
  6. Sexual violence in marginalized communities
  7. Survivor healing
  8. Enthusiastic consent
  9. Bystander intervention
  10. Online safety
  11. Healthy relationships
  12. Sex trafficking
  13. Dating after sexual violence
  14. Sexual violence among LGBTQIA+
  15. Sexual violence in the media
  16. Parents of survivors

We will also be inviting youth to a round table discussion on youth leadership in preventing sexual violence.  #HowToOrganize

Submissions will be open from November 12-December 11th 5PM EST. SUBMIT HERE

Speakers will receive an honorarium for their presentation and partner recognition across our summit promotional materials.

Please feel free to visit our youtube channel to see examples of last year’s speakers and topics.  If you have any questions at all, please contact shael@safebae.org


We are gathering a group of youth leaders who are interested in leading this project for the 2021 Summit.  They will have the support of SafeBAE staff throughout the process.  Each committee member will be offered community service hours and/or school credit (but it will be up to the student to seek school support for this), letters of recommendation, and recognition on all materials and SafeBAE website (with bio and pic) as well as a stipend for their commitment.

Committee members will oversee and help to build the entire summit and will be reporting the team’s achievements directly to SafeBAE’s staff and local partners.

Work commitments include:

  1. Planning breakout sessions and possible remote activities for the Summit
  2. Identifying local & national organizations to present at the summit
  3. Outlining a schedule for the Summit days
  4. Help to moderate sessions on zoom
  5. Help to promote/recruit attendees for the Summit
  6. Help to research school guidance counselors, health teachers, and administrators to encourage them to send students for class credit