Before Anyone Else: The Daisy Coleman Consent Culture Peer Educator Certification Training

(BAE Training)

Everything young people need to become certified in preventing and responding to sexual violence among their peers.

This program was in development prior to our co-founder Daisy Coleman’s death by suicide.  We have renamed it in her honor.


Adult allies and educators, please visit our Venmo @Safe-BAE or our Paypal - to pay the $50 fee and then R

Please note: We pride ourselves on being allies across all intersections, but we also know that despite our best efforts, there may be places that we could have done better.  Please know that we seek and value ALL feedback in order to continuously improve our programming and to be as inclusive as possible.  We know we can and always will seek to do better, but we will definitely need YOUR help & support to get there!

Our BAE training has had many contributors as well as peer reviewers.  We would like to acknowledge and all of our amazing contributors!

We first want to acknowledge that this program would not be possible without the visionary work of NCJWLA, under Maya Paley, Mi'Quael Gray, Leah Knopf, and  Marjorie Gilberg.  Their work throughout Los Angeles with the "Change the Talk" program laid the foundation for what we have been able to bring to you in this training, and we are forever grateful for their trust in our stewardship of the program to a national audience.  

We would also like to thank our many contributors:

  1. Molly Gallenberg
  2. Lhi Collins
  3. Kyle Braun
  4. Ari Zeitlin
  5. Aidan Mansmann
  6. Ella Horn
  7. Aidan Mansmann
  8. Alexandra Corzano from Project Sanctuary 
  9. Maya Corral from RespectEd
  10. Zoe Pringle from RespectEd

As well as all of our Certifying Experts:

  1. Amanda Morgan (Morgan Consulting - Public Speaking Firm)
  2. Allison Tombros (Culture of Respect)
  3. Tacianna Indovina, PhD, NYS Licensed Psychologist
  4. Elizabeth Peeler, MSPH, CHES (Emory University)
  5. Laine O’Banion from Portland Public Schools (OR)
  6. Lauren Wechsler Horn from SafeBAE 

We are proud to announce our newest program for the 2020-21 school year:  

Our first of its kind, nationally available peer certification training program to prevent sexual violence among teens.  The 15 module, on demand, BAE Training is available for free to any secondary or college student. Adult allies and educators will also have access to the training (for a nominal fee) and we will be relying on all adult allies to share this opportunity with the young people in their lives.  

Once registered, each trainee will begin with a Before-Survey of their topic knowledge and then move through each level at their own pace.  Each level will include a short retention quiz to be completed, in order to move to the next level.  Upon completion of the entire training, participants will take an After-Survey of their learned knowledge and feedback about the training.  They will then be invited to a 1:1 meeting with our Education Director about next steps in presenting, a review of our available Teaching Powerpoints (both comprehensive and topic specific), and support in seeking opportunities to present.  And finally, participants will be provided with a certificate verifying their status as a Trained Daisy Educator.  

Before registering for the training, please note that there is triggering content in the modules.  Each level of the training is on demand and available to you at any time once you register, so please make sure to take time to allow for breaks as you need them.  Self-care is crucial to being a healthy and intentional advocate and peer educator.

Below are all the modules for the certification training to become a certified peer educator. 

1. Rape Culture 

2.Sexual Assault, Harassment & Rape 


4. Healthy Relationships & Boundaries 

5. Male Identified Youth & Sexual Violence 

6. Myths, Facts & Stats

7. Sexual Violence & Relationships in Media 

8.Sending Nudes & - Online Safety 

9.How to Support A Survivor 

10.Options for Reporting & Investigation Requirements 

11.Title IX: Rights in School 

12.Healing After Sexual Assault 

13.Dating After Experiencing Sexual Violence 

14.Bystander Intervention = BAE*code

15.Public Speaking & Tips for Presenting 

Students sign up for free to get access to the training and get started at your own pace.