Cape Elizabeth, MAINE 

Aela Mansmann is a freshman at Cape Elizabeth High school, but has been a lifelong activist.  As president of her Civil Rights Club, she lead her school in a gun safety walk out in early 2018.  She also helped to create a “Words for Good” week project to build empathy in the school community.  She returned to her former school district in the Spring of 2018 to testify in support of consent education legislation in the state of Rhode Island. In June of 2018, she proposed a school-wide follow up event to the walk out, to help build school community and kindness among her peers as well as show support for school directly affected by gun violence.  Her principal gave her a full day with the entire school to plan activities, actions, and support which included making care packages to send to student survivors.  She is an active member of the Civil Rights team, Debate Club, Field Hockey Team, Drama Club, Mock Trial and the Gay/Straight Alliance as well as joining SafeBAE as a national BAE Breaker.


Ryan is a senior at Citrus Valley High School in Redlands, California. When he is not doing homework for his five, yes five Advanced Placement classes, he is filling out college applications. Even with all these commitments, he enjoys hanging out with friends and hiking. Last year he started SafeBAE at Citrus Valley High School and this year we are up and running once again! 

Riverdale, NEW YORK 

Joss is a 7th grader in Riverdale, NY and became motivated to help stop sexual harassment and assault in middle school during the Brock Turner trial. She is a competitive volleyball player and has participated in her school’s up-cycling fashion show as a designer and model since she was in second grade. When Joss is not taking selfies with her puppy Evee, she likes to hang out with her friends, film make-up videos, listen to music, and beg her parents for a Snapchat account. She is very excited to join SafeBAE as a BAEbreaker to help spread its mission.

Brooklyn, NEW YORK 

Liv Kleinberg is going into her senior year of high school and lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her goal is to denormalize rape culture by promoting consent and gender equity inside the classroom, starting with her own school. She recently participated in the American Civil Liberties Union's Advocacy Institute, taking activism courses for Racial Justice, Policing & Mass Incarceration as well as National Security, Immigration, Women's Rights, & LGBT Rights. Liv is ecstatic to be a part of the SafeBAE team, and is looking forward to meeting new people and strengthening her political organizing skills. Some of her favorite things include filmmaking, yoga, and corny knock-knock jokes.

Karimah ADIB 
Ithica, NEW YORK 

Karimah is a 16 year old survivor of assault, and was afraid to speak up until she got connected with the Advocacy Center, and they helped her tell her story in order to get justice. When the Advocacy Center helped Karimah use her voice to stand up to what happened to her, it inspired others to speak up as well. As someone who knows the effects of assault, and has heard the countless stories of other survivors, Karimah is extremely motivated to even further inspire survivors, and show them that as hard as it may be, it is possible to make it  through. 


Lhi Collins is a high school senior and survivor. She has spent her high school career heavily involved in the performing arts and her school's Mock Trial team. She became aware of SafeBAE around the time she began to experience significant cyber bullying and harassment due to her attempts to seek justice for herself. She hopes by bringing the BAE Breakers initiative to her town, she will see the beginnings of a change in its culture and treatment of victims. 

Cape Elizabeth, MAINE 

Lilli Frame is a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School, and has been a serious activist since 8th grade. She helped organize her schools gun safety walkout in March 2018, and the walkout in support of survivors of sexual assault in September 2018. In addition, she is the founder of the Youth Activist Group which is dedicated to creating a community of young activists in the school who support each other and encourage life long change. In 2018 she completed an independent study into mental health awareness, and continues to be an advocate for mental health issues, giving a speech at her middle school and participating in a panel for parents. She is an active member of Mock Trial, GSTA, YAG, and has joined SafeBAE as a national BAE Breaker. 

Eugene, OREGON 

Maya is a Senior at South Eugene High School. At school, she’s the President of the Feminist Union and co-director of Respect(Ed), the peer sexual health education program at South. Outside of school, she enjoys volunteering with Planned Parenthood, eating ramen with friends, and enjoying the Pacific Northwest outdoors. She’s beyond excited to be working with SafeBAE and utilizing these resources in the programs that are already available at her school!

Eugene, Oregon

Zoe is a senior at South Eugene High School. She is passionate about social justice and women's rights, and in response to witnessing sexual harassment at school, she co-founded a consent based peer education group called Respect(Ed). Zoe also enjoys volunteering at a local hospital, watching documentaries, and cooking. She can't wait to use SafeBAE to further promote assault awareness and support! 

Albany, OREGON 

Savannah is a South Albany High School senior. This year, she's started a program called the #MeToo Campaign, which takes after the Me Too Movement sweeping across the globe and social media. Her goal is to create a better, more supportive, and safer community for teen victims/survivors of sexual violence/harassment so they can seek help without feeling that they will be in the wrong, that they most certainly shouldn’t be in. As part of this program, they will be starting support groups for any and all students to attend. These groups will help to provide students with the resources they need to get help for themselves, for loved ones who are survivors, learn about rape culture myths, and other topics of discussion. She feels that leading this campaign has opened up opportunities to be an advocate for those that don’t have a voice.

New York City, NEW YORK 

Chaz is a high school senior already transitioning into college. He has lived in New York City his whole life (Harlem/Upper Westside).  He's a 4 time Junior Olympic swimmer who currently swims for the Laguardia Twisters Swim Team. He's in the top ten of his class at The Facing History School with a 94.76 GPA. When he's not working academically or doing athletic training for swimming competitions, he's busy with his internship with RaPP, which teaches youth about rape culture, the impact it has on individuals and the different forms of harassment - a perfect fit with SafeBAE! His hobbies include exploring and learning new experiences about buses and trains and watching his favorite show, Dancing With The Stars. 

Greenlawn, NEW YORK

Sofia Braunstein is a senior at Harborfields High School in Greenlawn, NY. She became interested in V-Day after attending a United Nation’s session on Human Trafficking in 2015 with her school’s Global Justice Club. Last year, Sofia designed and sold hair ties at her school, in local shops, and at the Women’s March on behalf of V-Day and VIBS (Victim’s Information Bureau of Suffolk).  In her free time, Sofia studies dance locally and in New York City and choreographs her own pieces.

Brownsville, TEXAS 

Daniela González is a current high school senior, passionate about equality and women’s rights. She is in coalition with Agents for Change and Break the Box, and has been honored with the title of High School Ambassador for Friendship of Women, Inc. She has also volunteered with Revival of Cultural Arts (R.O.C.A) at the Carlotta K. Petrina Cultural Center and the Apasionados Por La Lectura Program by providing children’s art classes.She strongly believes that through education and a joint effort, our community can make a significant and positive difference by overcoming harmful societal limitations and expectations.

Cape Elizabeth, MAINE 

Emily is a senior at Cape Elizabeth High School. She plays soccer and lacrosse, and is also captain of the debate team. She has been passionate about sexual assault and social justice from a young age, and has participated in many activities in high school that reflect this. I love to read, spend time with friends, and go to the beach.

Columbus, OHIO

Emma Mitchell is a 15 year old junior at Upper Arlington High School and a sexual assault survivor. She enjoys helping others through service projects, mission trips, etc. Emma is very involved in her school's vocal music program, and loves to play piano. Since experiencing firsthand the presence of rape culture and victim shaming in our society, Emma has become determined to make a difference for survivors and spread awareness for sexual assault. She strives to help others find their voice and become empowered by their stories. One of her favorite quotes is by Angelina Jolie: “We must send a message around the world that there is no disgrace in being a survivor of sexual violence, that the shame is on the aggressor”. She is ecstatic to continue this year working with SafeBAE!

South Portland, MAINE

Jack Kingsley is a Junior from South Portland High School.   He is a four-season athlete; playing lacrosse for 8 years, lettering in cross country and indoor track, and in the off seasons he is either skiing or surfing. In the start of the 2018-19 school year, Jack joined a student leadership board in to work together to plan a Regional Consent Conference with other local students and BAE Breakers. Jack’s drive and motivation to be a part of the conference is his younger sister. Above all, Jack is a brother who works hard to keep his sister safe. Jack has become a committed member of the student board to change his school culture and he is thrilled to be joining SafeBAE to continue his work in developing and advancing his school culture into one of respect and kindness. 

Columbus, OHIO

Grace Nunamaker is a Senior at Upper Arlington High School. She is a sexual assault survivor. Grace is creating her SafeBAE group with her local church youth group for kids ranging from 6th-12th grade. Grace is passionate about being able to make kids aware about things happening around them.  She is a summer camp counselor and helps out with church activities such as Missions Trips and Vacation Bible School. Grace's favorite life quote is “if you want to accomplish something don’t listen to people if they tell you that you can’t do it. Just prove them wrong.”

Newport Beach, CALIFORNIA

Ford Fairon is the brother of survivor Ella Fairon and has been speaking out against sexual violence starting at a young age. He has joined Ella to speak in Canada on what it is like to be the sibling of a rape survivor. 

Lindsey Robbins
Boston, MA

Lindsey Robbins is a junior at Boston Latin School. She is also the co-president of Ladies’ Collective, a club centered around sisterhood that works to educate and provide a community for girls. She has been a member of the club since freshman year and she helps to provide the same secure environment that she benefited from. In the spring Lindsey participates in the Walk for Hunger, and in the winter you can find her drinking hot chocolate at home. Beyond that, Lindsey is an avid writer and lover of art.

Ally Scott
Los Angeles, CA

16 years old (17 next month)

Molly Gallenberg
Tarzana, CA

I am a 17 year old who is very passionate about working with Safe BAE. I play volleyball and have a passion for producing. 

Christena Gikas
Cape Elizabeth, ME

I love people, activism and cats. That’s about it.

Benjamin Dorval
Cape Elizabeth, ME

I am 14 years old and I came out as transgender March 4 2019 and I really want to be an activist and teach people about important things like being them selves and speaking up for what is right.

Julia Olsen 
Cape Elizabeth, ME

My name is Julia Olsen. I am -5 years old and I got involved with safe Bae last year and wanted to get more involved. I love to help others and help people understand how big of an issue this is.

Izabella Rodrigues 
Cape Elizabeth, ME

Bella is a junior at Cape Elizabeth High School. She sails and plays hokey, she is also apart of her school's Mock Trial team and the captain of the speech team. She has been passionate about sexual assault prevention, supporting survivors, and not victim blaming! Bella enjoys traveling with her friends and writing letters.

Hannah G Stone 
Clarksville Arkansas

My name is Hannah Stone and I am a senior at Clarksville High School. My entire life, I have been passionate about community service and improving the lives of everyday Americans. My goal is to leave the world better than I found it. By creating this Arkansas chapter, I hope to better educate my peers about sexual assault and consent, and to inspire them to help me create the change we all want to see.

Edyson Pines
Portland, ME

Hey y’all! I’m Edyson, and I’m so excited to be a BAE breaker!! I am a junior at deering high school and I hope to go to college for a biology major and then hopefully med school! I first really learned about safeBAE when I attended the annual summit. I learned so much and felt so at home 🙂 

Brittney Landry
Gorham, ME

My name is Brittney Landry and I love to be able to make a change and get the word out about things like this. I love playing soccer all year round and also participating in my schools musicals. I’m a very outgoing person and love to be involved. 

Benton Arkansas

I'm Alexis, I go by Lexy. I'm 17 years old. 

Hailey Otts

Hailey, 16, Supportive, very good listener, rape survivor, hard worker

Bella Squires
Malvern, AR

I am 16 years old, and I have been dancing and acting since I could walk and talk. I am into Women Empowerment, and standing up for my opinions. I train at a local dance studio in styles Lyrical, Contemporary, Jazz, HipHop, Ballet, Musical Theater, and now Acro. I love acting I’ve auditioned for many things Bull, Boy Erased, BumbleBee, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and a back up dancer for Janet Jackson. 

Aliyah Good
Nashville, TN

I’m a 16 year old singer songwriter, writing and recording in Nashville, TN. I’ve been working in the industry since the age of 10. I’ve been writing with many songwriters and been playing several shows throughout Nashville including Song Suffragettes and other writers rounds. 

Cayla Monachino
Mansfield, MA

I participated in the patriots game change program when it was running in my school, and worked alongside safebae, helping to create valentines letters for survivors. I want to try to bring education and support into my school community.

Jocelyn Vandermark 

I’m a senior in high school and I am passionate about consent and educating people on this topic.

Kyrcee Vincent 
Englewood, Ohio

My name is Kyrcee, I'm a junior in high school and I'm trying to spread awareness as the issue gets larger.

Elisa Castanon
slc, Utah

My name is Elisa, i am in middle school.

Megan Keast 
Portland ME

Megan Keast is a Senior at Portland High School. She is Secretary for PHS Women’s Rights Club and is excited to work towards ending Rape Culture and preventing sexual assault. She enjoys rock climbing and skiing and is looking forward to being a BAE Breaker 

Georgie Payne  
Portland ME

Georgie is a junior at Portland High School. She is a member of the women’s rights club at her school and would like to do more prevent rape culture and sexual assault around her community. Georgie enjoys rock climbing and math, and is very excited to become a bae breaker.

Hana Richmond
North Vancouver BC


Sarah Folan
South Portland ME

-I’m going into my senior year of high school

-I play softball

-I’m part of my schools chambers choir

-I have a leadership role in my schools earth club

Grace Perry
South Portland ME

Grace is a senior at South Portland High School and a member of her schools Amnesty International club and March For Our Lives chapter. Outside of school, she is a competitive dancer and active member of her schools music department, ready to learn any new instrument she can. After volunteering at the Maine consent summit, Grace was excited to be more involved with SafeBAE and their work. She hopes to create an environment of respect and support for those effected by sexual harassment and violence. 

Ally Richards 
South Portland, ME

I am going into my sophomore year at South Portland High School. I have always been passionate about women’s rights and making a difference. I have been playing basketball for the past 9 years and when I’m not playing sports, I love to spend time with family and friends. This past spring I volunteered at the consent summit and I cannot wait to officially join the SafeBAE team and become a BAE Breaker!  

Amirah jahaf
Wethersfield, CT

I am Amirah and I am a senior in high school. I am bilingual (Arabic and English), and I work for a local grocery store as a cashier. I love volunteering and helping others. I am very passionate about the empowerment of women across the world. Plus, I love dogs (and I tolerate cats). 

Emma Nielsen
Jackson, WY 

My name is Emma Nielsen. I go to school in a very small community that is full of drug and alcohol abuse due to the wealth in the community. There are too much harassment and rape in teenage culture in Jackson Hole, WY. I think that the only way that we are going to change the sexist culture is by changing the mindset of young people. I have had a problem facing this problem in my community because I didn't have a way to start and was unsure if I would be able to make an impact. 

Ellory Hare
Jackson, WY

My name is Ellory Hare and I am 15. I live in the middle of nowhere in Jackson Hole, WY. I ride horses and compete and I am a Kids Wrangler on a Dude Ranch in the summers. As a Kids Wrangler I take kids on horseback rides almost everyday and do evening activities with them!